Widespread English Illiteracy: How to End It Now

Janitors have been fired because they cannot read an after-hours note with special clean-up instructions. Families have been evicted from their apartment when the apartment owner falsely claimed that the rental contract allows eviction if a crying … [Read More...]

The fight against Apartheid is over but there's still a good deal of inequality in the area.  Because men can't love men.  That's the reason why many don't arrive forward--sexual abuse is common, but the sum of men who come forward aren't as common.

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The Shocking Extent and Seriousness of English Functional Illiteracy

A recent, careful study of the most thorough and statistically accurate report on U.S. adult literacy ever commissioned by the U.S. government (a free 200 page report available on the internet by clicking here) proves that the extent and seriousness … [Read More...]


Why English Spelling Is So Illogical

The first sentence of a recent Bridge column by Phillip Alder states, “Kenneth Grahame, a Scottish author who wrote ‘The Wind in the Willows,’ said, ‘The strongest human instinct is to impart information; the second strongest is to resist … [Read More...]

Do You Dare Read This?

This blog will be short enough that anyone can spare the time to read it. Most people will claim to be compassionate toward those in poverty or who suffer some unfair misfortune, such as the pain and suffering of illiteracy. I therefore feel … [Read More...]


“Johnny Can’t Read” Goes to College

According to an ACT college entrance exam study, three-fourths of students who took the ACT in 2006 lacked the skills to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses in reading, math, social studies and science, even though they had taken a … [Read More...]


How Our Spelling Damages the Mind

  A slight modification by wizessays writers of an article by Frederick Atherson Fernald, Ph.D. Learning to read the English language is one of the worst mind-stunting processes that has ever formed a part of the education of any people. Its evil influence … [Read More...]


English Spelling: a Case of Psychological Child Abuse

Modification of an article by Abraham F. Citron, Ph.D. Dept. of Educ. Sociology, Wayne State Univ, Detroit, Mi. (1913-2006) At the portals of education we have laid, not a highway, but a labyrinth. Brainwashed as we are, we do not perceive our … [Read More...]


The Business of Illiteracy

The Cost to Business at $4 Billion per Year, The Cost to Canadian Society Has Been Estimated at $10 Billion per Year$60 billion annually in Loss to U.S. Companies, Experts Estimate $225 billion a Year in Loss to the American Economy If these … [Read More...]